Caninha da Roça

The Cachaça: Caninha da Roça – 39 abv

Origin: Rio das Pedras – Sao Paulo.

Distilled: 08 july 2011

Maturation: none

This could very well be the shortest tastingnotes in history…

Nose: most, yeast, sugarcane

Taste: new make

Finish: new make, coming back with a horrible bitterness.

Remarks : Pllllease don’t even use this for caipirinha or other cocktails, unless you need to poison your mother in law.

Our Score : * (and that’s even too much)


Posted on 26 February 2014, in Cachaça and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I asked a Brazilian friend at work to bring me a bottle of real Cachaca from a trip home-he brought me back this stuff. It was incredibly nasty and disgusting. Nearly impossible to get down without vomiting. Flavor was indescribable: slightly reminiscent of musty, very stale Molasses, mixed with rust and Pine-Sol, but in a bad way. Very raw on the throat, gagging and eye-watering all the way down, and left a burning pool of bubbling Carbolic acid in the gut. After taste of heavily sulfured Windex. Took me years to get rid of it, mainly by daring (now former) friends to try it.

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