Benvinda Ouro – 38 abv


The cachaça: Benvinda Ouro (for Bebidas Marbella) – 38 abv

Origin: Patos de Minas (Minas Gerais)

Distilled : n/i; lot 02/2002

Bottled: january 2010

Maturation: Jequitiba Rose

Nose: very fine and subtle with fruity hints and sugar cane. Floral : lily of the valley. Some vanilla too. After 15 minutes it gets more spicy : pimento.

Taste: soft sweetness in good balance. Very refined, probably thanks to the jequitiba casks: they don’t change the flavour much, but purify the cachaça. After 15 minutes some dark cherries and fresh sugar cane juice (which is rather strange, after a good 8 to 10 years in the cask). All-in all a very pleasant easy drinking cachaça; but for my personal taste this might have been better at 40 – 42 abv.

Finish: the sweetness gets through now, with the overall getting a bit more woody. A medium long finish that slowly fades away, only to come back with a refined bitterness in perfect balance with the sweetness, lasting very long.

Our Score: 17/20

Remarks:  About 90% of the sugarcane used is locally cultivated by the producer. Not (yet?) available in Europe. Expect to pay around 50-55 reais in Brazil (about € 17)


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