Terra Brazilis 51 – 38 abv



The Cachaça: Terra Brazilis 51 – 38 abv

Distilled : not indicated

Bottled: sept. 2012


Nose: very light, with some vanilla and white pepper. Sandbiscuits in the oven. On the background some cogna-like notes. Not bad, but lacks a bit dept hand complexity.

Taste: Refined sugar. Not the fermenting sugarcane we find in so many cachaças, but a soft and sweet taste.  Some wet slate on the palate as well.

Finish: light sweetness. This may be aged in wood, but the wood influence is very hard to trace? On the back of the tongue some mineral notes. Overall, this is a well made cachaça with no off-notes whatsoever…but then again, nothing extraordinary that pops up either.


Our score: 14,5/20



Remarks: Terra Brazilis is trademarked  by Companhia Muller De Bebidas in Sao Paulo; a company that also produces and/or distributes mineral waters, fruit juices, wine, whisky, vodka, etc… But especially known for the famous industrial 51 cachaça.  Their Terra Brazilis 51 cachaça is aged, but it is not indicated for how long or in what kind of casks.


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