Albion 1997 60.4 abv


The Rum: Albion 1994

Origin: Guyana

Distilled: 1994

Bottled: 2011 by Velier. Vatting of  4 Barrels (7100, 7101, 7102, 7103)

Nose: loads of caramel, with some clove, verbena, black peper. A fresh, salty airbreeze too.  After a while comes the vanilla and some lighter fruity notes. Strawberry icecream. Coffee, tobacco and even some maple syrup.

With water more pepper and wood. Fresher too…like a shower of rain after a warm day.

Taste: Punching alcohol and dark brown molasses with overripe dark red fruits. Confirms the nose. Adding some water makes it a bit sweeter. So this might be 17 yo…the influence of the wood isn’t all that big.

Finish: Now the wood finally starts to kick in. Sweet becomes a little bitter (to get sweeter again). Mediumlong to long finish, nicely balancing between the sweet notes of the rum and the bitter notes of the wood. Add some water and you get some old leather in the aftertaste.

Our score: 16/20


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