Rum-ours 1: Arcana and Dzama

Rum-ours are just very short tastingnotes from various rums we try on an evening out. Yes, when we are too lazy to make real tasting notes…

arcane    dzama


Arcane 12 yo – Mauritius – 40 abv

This is a very strange rum in oh so many ways. On the nose it’s Pisang Ambon all the way. Green bananas and loads of vanilla. In the mouth: green bananas again..but where the hell is the alcohol? This is ever so smooth and soft. Really: this seems like an alcohol free beverage. But at 40 abv, it’s dangerously smooth.

In the empty glass: sandalwood and dry eucalypt (like in a sauna).

Not bad at all, but it misses punch and, well yeah, alcohol.



Dzama NAS – Madagaskar – 52 abv

So let’s spice things a bit up.  This one is vanilla, honey and flowers: rose and potpourri.  Sweets and fresh sugarcane. No bitterness whatsoever. Oh, and a whiff of ginger too.  Again rather smooth. Is this really 52 abv?  Mdium long finish.



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