Enmore 1995 Full Proof (Velier)


The Rum: Enmore 1995 Full Proof – 61.2 abv

Origin: Guyana

Distilled: 1995

Bottled: 02-2011 by Velier from 8 different casks: cask 7104-7105-7106-7107-7108-7109-7110-7111


Nose: starts on a strange combination of earthy notes (wet earth) with a little minty freshness. On the background plays some heavy dark molasses with a floral perfume. Butterscotch. The high alcohol volume doesn’t really show in the nose.  Mineral too: flintstone. In fact: this is a rather shy and closed nose. After a while comes some very light sulphur that actually brings some depth to the whole. Cherrybonbons with a subtle smokiness.

Adding some water brings some more vanilla and black pepper.


Taste: strong alcoholic now, with loads of wood. Starts on a very short sweet note to become rather bitter. This is way to overpowering. So let’s ad some water to this rum.

With water: more fruity now. Some light exotic fruits (passion) and unripe plums. Gets less bitter.


Finish: rather bitter but very long and drying. Even a slightly metalic note. At the end the bitterness makes way for some softer and sweeter aroma’s.


Our score: Hmm…this is hard. On one hand this is a very a-typical rum with too much cask influence. But still, this is drinking history of course. Without water I’d give this 15/20…but with some water it gets up to 17/20. Let’s compromise….16/20


Remarks: 1995 was the very last year of distillation at the Enmore Estate. So another reason why this is drinking history ! Expect to pay (if ever you still would find a bottle like this!) a good 140 euro.



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