Barbados 15 yo Single cask sherry finish for Tasttoe

The Rum: Barbados 15 yo Sherry Cask Finish For Tasttoe (Belgium) – 42%

Origin: Barbados

Distilled: ca 1998

Bottled: 2013 by Plantation, for Tasttoe

Nose: the nose starts on some heavy vanilla with hints of white pepper. It slowly goes towards soft herbs, moss and even some mushroom. After 10 minutes some dusty notes kick in. Reminds me of my grandmother’s attic. Again 10 minutes later the dust is all gone and a fresh breeze brought in some mint and grassy notes. Goodness…this is a really complex nose that seems to change every couple of minutes. I could sniff this for hours before drinking it.

Taste: but I don’t…so let’s taste this beauty. Oh yes, this is Barbados all the way: exotic fruits playing the main role now: banana, pineapple. This is so fresh and sweet, without becoming too sweet. Most elegant indeed !

Finish: it all comes back: the fruits, the fresh grassy notes, the soft spices. And at the end – just perfect – a very subtle bitterness. Lingers on forever.

Our score: 18/20

Remarks: this single cask (cask 1/5) was bottled for Belgian whisky and rumshop TasTToe.  An excellent rum for a sharp price ! Can imagine this-one being sold out rather fast. 450 bottles available.

Just don’t rush to your shop yet. This beauty will be available at the end of october !


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