El Dorado 12 yo


The Rum: El Dorado 12 yo

Origin: Guyana (Demerara)

Distilled: 2000 and earlier

Bottled: ca 2012

Nose: As it often goes for the better Demerara rums: excellent nose.  The expected notes of vanilla, brown sugar and oak are well accompanied by more herbal aroma’s like nutmeg, cinnamon and some pepper to warm things up a bit. Not that this rum needs any warming up!  Also some citrussy notes, although well hidden behind all those other, more powerful notes.  And some tobacco as well. Really makes me want to try this rum with a good cigar… .

Taste: Can the taste live up to the promises of the nose?  Ohhh yes it can! Brown sugar and that warming vanilla again. But the whole gamma we found in the nose, comes back in the taste. There’s our oak again, our citrus, our pepper, our nutmeg and cinnamon.  And yes, there’s that quality tobacco again. Yes, oak and tobacco, but never going bitter; it’s all just very well balanced. Now where’s that cigar of mine?

Finish: Should we really repeat ourselves? Indeed, all is coming back in the aftertaste, which lingers on rather long. And that definitely is a good thing !

Our Score: 18,5/20

Remarks:  It’s no wonder El Dorado makes such a great rum: they have history on their side ! It’s a blend from aged rums (the youngest being 12 yo) of the very famous wooden Enmore Coffey still, the Diamond Coffey still, and the ancient Port Mourant double wooden pot still – stills of over 250 years of age !


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