Ypioca Ouro


Cachaça:  Ypioca Ouro – 39 abv

Origin: Fortaleza – Ceara (Brazil)

Distilled: not indicated

Bottled: not indicated – ca 2013

Nose: Young sugarcane juice, but without that sometimes rather unattractive smell of fermenting juice(must). Very light hints of vanilla and pipetobacco. This is how young cachaça should smell: nothing chemical or aggressive; but on the other hand: nothing more than that either.

Taste:  Soft sugarcane and very fine oak; and definitely not too sweet. Again: this is as it should be, but nothing more. Lacks of complexity and depth.

Finish: Rather long and subtle, the sweet and bitter oaky tones are balancing rather well.

Our Score : 14,5/20

Remarks:  short maturation in oak casks. The cachaçamuseum at the distillery is reported to have the largest wooden barrel in the world, with a capacity of 347.000 litres


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  1. Is this Ypioca Ouro Good? All the Youtube clips of Brazilians drinking this looks like it’s Harsh. So many reviews are different. I’ve been drinking Velho Barreiro Cachaca and the Gold without a problem.

    • lordofthedrams

      It’s not harsh at all. It’s an OK cachaça imho; but nothing special. It’s not the kind of cachaça I’d drink pure, for there are much better cachaças around. But it’s a very good base for a well balanced caipirinha.

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